“War only knows casualties.”

“War only knows casualties.”


“I’m proud I left when the government wanted to draft me into the army. War only knows casualties. Most of my friends left as well. It wasn’t a hard decision. What I took with me? Only what you need: an ID card, clothes and my phone of course. In Aleppo I was a tailor. I made enough money and everything was fine. I think the special thing about the Netherlands is that people can say whatever they want. That’s different where I’m from. The people are nice here as well. We were invited by a Dutch family, we had some dinner there. I was with a friend. No, we don’t speak Dutch and only a little bit of English. When it got too hard to understand each other we would just use our phones. You type in what you want to say and the phone translates it into Dutch, and the other way around. It works fine.”


Name: Alan Abdo (26) from Aleppo, Syria



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