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Between October 2015 and October 2016, about 450 refugees stayed in the temporary refugee accommodation at Van Swietenlaan 23 in Groningen. For many of them, this location was ‘home’ for months.

Home Swiet Home portrayed these people, in order to tell their stories and give the residents of Groningen the opportunity to ‘meet’ with their new fellow citizens. The portraits have been published on the Home Swiet Home Facebook page.

The accommodation at the Van Swietenlaan was closed in October 2016. The residents have moved to either a house of their own, or to refugee centres elsewhere. Home Swiet Home will stay in touch with them, to further document their new life in Groningen.

Home Swiet Home is a volunteer initiative of a number of writers, photographers, filmmakers and designers – people who love their city and are curious about their new neighbours.


TEXT Willem De Haan | Martine Drijftholt | Yvon van Apeldoorn | Herman Meijer | Gea Meulema | Nienke de Haan | Marjolein Drijftholt | Lyanne Levi | Gerben Cadee | Wieke Paulusma | Arend Jan Wonink PHOTO Geert Job Sevink | Ronald Pras | Gerben Cadee | Gea Schenk | Elbert Fliek TRANSLATION Jacqueline de Vries | Thomas Rovers WEBSITE Arnoud Molier | Arend Jan Wonink INSPIRATION Mohammad Al-Mansour

The image rights belong to Home Swiet Home. It is not allowed to use the pictures in any other medium without consulting us.

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