“Knowledge is our only weapon, the only way to a better world.”

“Knowledge is our only weapon, the only way to a better world.”

“In Damascus I lived, like many Palestinians, in a refugee camp. With my wife, daughter and two sons.

My children are doing fine. The two eldest ones, the boys, studied economics at university, and my daughter will study there too. I taught Arabic at secondary schools and at the university, for 25 years. Our family has an academic foundation. And that is good. Because knowledge is our only weapon, the only thing that might eventually lead to a better world.

Living the life of a refugee is not easy. It is difficult for me, as a Palestinian, to find a place in this world where I have full rights. A country where I can be at home, a country I could call my own. We would squeeze water from a stone to find such a place.  

Together with my sons, I undertook a long and dangerous journey. I feel safe here. One of my sons is here with me in Groningen, the other is in Goes. You ask me what I want? Difficult to say. I want my wife and daughter to be safe. That is my responsibility as a father, that is my concern and my wish. My sons are here with me now, but they had to abandon their studies. I hope they can finish their studies here in the Netherlands, and resume their lives…  My eldest son was the leader of a big band in Syria.”


Saïd from Damascus, Syria

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